Correct or accepted spelling; the study of spelling. orthopedics. The area of medicine concerned with bones and muscles. Orwell, George. Pen name of the British writer Eric Blair (1903–1950). oscillate.

Bryson’s dictionary for writers and editors. 2013.


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  • Orthography — Or*thog ra*phy, n. [OE. ortographie, OF. orthographie, L. orthographia, Gr. ?, fr. ? writing correctly; orqo s right + gra fein to write. See {Ortho }, and {Graphic}.] [1913 Webster] 1. The art or practice of writing words with the proper letters …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • orthography — correct or proper spelling, mid 15c., from M.Fr. orthographie (O.Fr. ortografie, 13c.), from L. orthographia, from Gk. orthos correct (see ORTHO (Cf. ortho )) + root of graphein to write (see GRAPHY (Cf. graphy)) …   Etymology dictionary

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